About Us

GamaSmart is a Serbian IT company which specialises in the establishment of nearshore software development teams in Serbia – Europe’s striving IT hotspot.

We are providing process-driven technology solutions for clients in the global marketplace. Our world class engineers and business analysts leverage learnings from one industry to another in order to drive digital transformations that are deeply rooted in business context. Our core competence is high-quality software development, and our people are our most important asset. Our success is based on the authentic engineering culture made of outstanding software engineers, authentic leadership and permanent knowledge development. We offer our clients an efficient nearshoring solution, which enables them to expand their development capacities efficiently and sustainably. We strategize & implement digital initiatives that achieve lasting financial success for our clients. We manifest this mission through 3 focuses: flexibility, collaboration and client centricity.


We achieve our goals through a variety of successful strategies, aiming to adapt our approaches to the actual needs of every client and specificity of the particular project.


We achieve our goals through cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience, making a simultaneously true partnership with our clients.

Client centricity

We achieve our goals understanding customer problems and deliver solutions for them by bundling of support such as advice, knowledge or other services to help the customer to acquire the best solution and understand how to optimally use it.

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Please use this page to contact us regarding your potential need for our services. If you prefer sending an email, feel free to contact us directly on email address: info@gamasmart.io