AI-driven solutions will help you plan new data initiatives. This may include work automation and safer, more efficient data handling – applicable to various industries.

Today, one of the challenges facing organizations is knowing where and how to invest into AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. And because the possibilities are endless, a number of capital expenditures go by the wayside and don't make the impact they're supposed to within the business.

AI technology has various use cases among different industries. Customer service, marketing and sales, management, security – all of these can benefit from AI development. With Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, smart search engines, or predictive models supporting the decision-making processes, AI will change business on a large scale.

Our Artificial Intelligence strategists work on identifying high-impact areas within a particular industry and pair that with proven-successes within the broad-spectrum of AI research. Our technique emphasizes maximizing AI & machine learning impact to create immediate revenue generating opportunities within a business.

What is future of Artificial Intelligence

The true reality is that artificial intelligence will and to some extent has already transformed every industry. However, in more practical terms, the future of artificial intelligence is in knowing how best to utilize it in conjunction with a physical workforce and knowing how best to re-activate your employees and stakeholders given that virtually all administrative activities over the next decade will become the responsibilities of adaptive and intelligent machines.

GamaSmart’s approach to AI and ML

With real-world experience building out applications, platforms & ecosystems that are driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, we know how to get ROI out of them.

Today, having an AI Plan is just as important as having a Disaster Recovery plan or a Security Breach Plan or a Product Roadmap.

Whether it is using pattern analysis to dynamically predict retail sales, computer vision to automatically process inventory data, or natural language processing to more quickly understand customer satisfaction, properly leveraging AI, machine learning & deep learning within your business is one of the most effective ways to drastically reduce cost overheads or exponentially increase sales objectives.

AI discovery workshops

AI development starts with comprehensive workshops. Our team will listen you your goals and needs to build a business case. Together, we will identify the available data and decide on the success/failure criteria.

Proof of concept

At this stage of AI development, we extract easily available data to build first versions of models and mix them with already available cloud services. That gives us an overview of what we can achieve with available datasets and provides a roadmap of how to improve models.


Models are operationalized - made available as transactional or batch API and integrated with existing systems and operations. We continuously measure how accurate predictions the models generate and their impact on your daily business. That gives us hard numbers showing much we improved the efficiency of your workforce and how big the return on such investment was.

Technologies we use

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