Distributed cloud storage, encrypted messaging and proofs of ownership, real-time stock exchange – all secured by a virtual ledger. If you’re planning on using it in your application, our team will provide you with the necessary information and deliver the best solution.

We believe organizations are moving from the organizational structures of the second industrial revolution to that of the coming third industrial revolution. We support businesses that focus on empowering the users, instead of controlling them. We believe in moving from complex hierarchies to networks – network economies, networks of tokens and networks of users.

While Blockchain’s origin lies in the cryptocurrency market, enabling a secure way to track and verify transactions, its potential extends to any market or industry where anything of value is exchanged, tracked and analyzed.

Operating in a secure, distributed and decentralized framework, Blockchain technology is lowering costs, speeding up processes, and building a new level of trust in business transactions by ensuring auditing and security along the way.

Let GamaSmart help you and your company take advantage of this innovative technology through our Blockchain development services.

Enterprise blockchain solutions to solve complex business challenges with technology

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

Tag, Track, Trace and Trade

  • Asset tracking with blockchain
  • Using blockchain for food and beverage traceability

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for Energy

Embracing smart ways to save energy

  • Achieving reduction in energy prices using blockchain
  • Global green energy platform for facilitating energy supply

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for Fintech

Revolutionizing finance industry globally

  • Auditing services
  • Cross-border and P2P payments

Technologies we use

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