Extend your software development team with qualified software engineers. By building up a dedicated development team we offer you a proven nearshoring solution, which enables you to extend your development capacities on a cost-efficient and sustainable basis.

How does it work?

We recruit the desired developers according to the skill requirements of our clients’ projects and create your tailor-made team. By doing so we do not only ensure the necessary technical knowledge of individual team members, but we take comprehensive measures to maintain an efficient nearshore operating model fostering the most effective development results.

As a result, our partners can develop their products faster with us, increase the overall know-how level and widen their view with new perspectives.

The Own Team Model

Your expansion team will be based in Belgrade, Serbia, located in a sophisticated, modern A-level office building, performing required tasks.

The staff is recruited, employed, and managed by GamaSmart, and fully dedicated to work for you, as a part of your production, management, training and all other processes.

This team is 100% dedicated to your software projects. To maximize efficiency, synergies and quality of work, developers are not rotated during our nearshoring cooperation but remain bound to your products and services.

We allow you to expand your existing in-house team with sophisticated software development work of your “own” dedicated remote team and improve time to market while significantly reducing development costs.

Our all-inclusive service

By establishing client-owned development teams at our nearshore center in Belgrade, we offer you a comprehensive nearshoring solution. Our extensive set of integrated services ensure an overall carefree business flow.

Qualification & Team Building

Outstanding software development, consulting and support, embedded in a state-of-the-art engineering culture – all from one hand as an all-inclusive nearshoring service.

Modern Infrastructure

Our fully managed office infrastructure is designed according to the most recent standards. It fosters both creativity and productivity as necessary ingredients for great software development work.

Advisory & Support

We give you guidance on proven best-practices and help you with hands-on work to create the optimal organisational and operational setup for a successful nearshoring collaboration.

Partner-like Relationship

GamaSmart is not only your nearshore contractor. Instead, we regard ourselves as your strategic partner and permanent advisor.

Needs Analysis & Consulting

Analysis of the requirements of our clients and consulting regarding the optimal nearshoring strategy bridging distance actively and securing seamless software delivery.

Your Benefits

Top development work done by top software engineers.

Acceleration of Time-to-Market: quick and easy team start thanks to our large IT talent pool and our fine-tuned recruiting processes.

Reduction of development costs by up to 60% compared to the same development quality in your home country.

All-inclusive service at fair and transparent monthly costs.

Why Serbia?

Nearshoring to Serbia offers an opportunity to reduce expenditure without compromising on quality of service. Serbia offers a straightforward and hassle-free solution for cost-effective IT development.


Serbia provides a full classical education in natural and technical sciences which is highly esteemed and recognised internationally. Students undertake a broad range of studies, and display enviable depth of knowledge and remarkable logic- factors which are crucial in providing successful nearshoring services.

Cultural affinity

Cultures in Europe have converged since the political change in 1989. Values, views, hierarchies, reliability and manners differ only minimally. This represents a great advantage compared to software development in Asia, where cultural differences can lead to complications and increased project costs.

Qualification and availability of human resources

A big number of IT students graduate every year in Eastern Europe. Therefore, the supply of qualified experts is extremely high. University graduates, as well as young professionals, have a well-founded know-how because the list of requirements characterizing the profile regarding the quality of education and training has increased. As a result of this, an increasing number of international companies invest in centers for research and development, as well as in the construction of Information and Communication Technologies.


Language difficulties can burden a good business relationship and are often accompanied by expensive misunderstandings and longer-term projects. From this point of view, Eastern Europe can demonstrate further advantages. Almost 40 percent of all pupils from the new EU Member States are learning German. Over 70 percent are learning English on an internationally competitive level. The language skills of the employees are an advantage and an essential base for efficient communication.

English language is mandatory through the Serbian schooling system for at least eight years, and English language media is widespread in Serbian society.

Flight connections and time zone

Shorter distance and little or non-existing time differences are in favor for Eastern Europe. Between Germany and India, there is a 3.5 to 4.5 - hour time difference depending on summer or wintertime. Thus, geographical proximity is a crucial competitive advantage. Many issues can be resolved face-to-face in personal contact.

Regular direct flights from most major European centers allow clients to visit our Belgrade headquarters with ease. Belgrade is within two and a half hours from most major European cities:
London: 2h 30 mins
Zurich: 1h 40 mins
Berlin: 1h 45 mins
Copenhagen: 2h 15 mins
Amsterdam: 2h 45 mins

Belgrade is becoming a hot-spot for innovative companies that open their offices and digital nomads that like working in places with vivid history.
In many cases tech enterprises choose Belgrade so as to outsource their activities to skillful programmers with European mentality, yet lower hourly rates and superb English with a sense of humor.
Still, as the entrepreneurship system further develops through formal and informal education, more made-in-Serbia successful enterprises should be expected in the future.
With a price of around EUR 42 for goods basket Belgrade made it to the top of the list, outperforming 19 European metropolis including neighbours Zagreb, Ljubljana, Prague, and Budapest.
In the country with unemployment rate of 41.7% for 15-25 age group and 33.27% for people aged 15-30, the results of Serbian ICT sector show that there is a constant demand for junior and senior professionals alike.
That is why the plan of StartIT community to educate 100.000 young leaders across 12 cities in Serbia by 2020 is complete viable and got the biggest backing in the history of regional crowd funding campaigns.
Only in 2015 Serbia exported EUR 678,3 million of software services and it is estimated that 30.000 programmers would be able to start working immediately.

- The Huffington Post, 09/12/2016

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