Our testing services encompass the entire gamut of testing for software, including the quickest and most efficient methods of testing.

New age organizations and enterprises today are working towards achieving Digital Transformation and translating the transformation into commercial success. This specifically needs the right digital skills and proven expertise to assure digital effectiveness across the enterprise. Our Quality Engineering services ensure that testing shifts left and begins way ahead in the overall system development life cycle, ensuring maximum test coverage and quality.

We achieve this with through the strategic and result-oriented approach that automates and integrates the entire landscape for seamless functioning, and comprehensive digital assurance & testing strategy that provides scalable, reusable assets and enablers for improving the overall efficiency of Quality Assurance and Testing processes.

Digitization/Digital Transformation journey is as much about the strategic approach as it is about technology and people. We assist enterprises in their digital journey using a thoroughly thought out Quality Engineering strategy and impeccable execution, bring in needed agility in the overall business processes.

Automated testing

Enterprises view testing as the largest bottleneck in releasing products. Traditionally, testing can force companies to compromise quality for speed and limit output. Too many companies risk their reputation on fast releases: 72% of IT teams rely on customer complaints to discover user experience issues.

Comprehensive QA has the ability to unlock customer value and better serve the end user. Companies that automate the right QA activities in combination with scalable manual testing are outperforming the competition.

GamaSmart helps enterprises with QA testing automation to keep release cycles on schedule and on budget. Our high quality automated software testing services are powered by QA experts experienced in developing automated scripts, utilities and process assets by leveraging industry trends, best practices and reusable frameworks and libraries. We provide a fully managed QA service that includes test plan creation, testing automation, and timely results. By developing automated scripts around base features, we help you protect existing functionality.

Functional Testing

Only 4 out of 100 unhappy customers will complain directly to a company — the other 96 will churn without providing feedback. Since it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one, unlocking that silence is key.

GamaSmart gives you access to expert testers who think like customers. We’re real people finding real issues in every single relevant environment condition.

Our testing services ensure the verification and validation of applications for independent software vendors and enterprises. The functional testing services focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality.

GamaSmart engages with clients in the different stages of the lifecycle to align the testing objectives against the overall business goals. Our experienced, professional testers and QA managers work together to test all functional QA requirements across devices and platforms. We deliver prioritized, timely results.

Mobile Testing

Usage is the most important metric for the global app economy, and time spent in mobile apps is growing fast—reaching 900 billion hours each year worldwide. And it is getting harder by day to get your users’ attention.The apps with the highest usage and ratings are characterized by one thing: frequent updates. Delivering an excellent user experience in every update requires agile development supported by continuous testing.

The apps with the highest usage and ratings are characterized by one thing: frequent updates. Delivering an excellent user experience in every update requires agile development supported by continuous testing.

GamaSmart can provide you with wide range of testing services, tools, and mobile device lab. Our QA experts have strong expertise in testing various mobile apps – native, web, and hybrid, and keep themselves abreast with the latest methodologies, mind maps, and checklists based on platform updates.

Technologies we use

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