We are able to envision a design that can engage more customers with your products. Bring life to your ideas with creative imagination and suitable taste, assuring perfect layout and excellent and various color palette.

The very essence of UX design lies in the interaction between users, software, and sometimes even hardware. Utilizing the analytics and intelligence data gathered during the research phase, our UX team designs an interaction tailored to your customers, ensuring the finished solution is a seamless, intuitive experience that caters to all user types.

Equipped with a wealth of user data from the Discovery phase, our UX designers transform the journey maps into more detailed sitemaps and interactive wireframes. These prototypes form the skeleton of your website or application, and range from low-fidelity mockups to highly authentic frameworks. Codal builds all our wireframes with best-in-class design software like Axure or Sketch, and uses InvisionApp for our more actualized prototypes.

Our UI team goes beyond simply perfecting the visual layout of a project’s design elements—we consider the impact that typography, color theory, and accessibility requirements might have on a user’s overall experience, and make adjustments accordingly. The result is a pixel-perfect, aesthetically pleasing UI—an essential piece of any desirable user experience.

Technologies we use

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